2017 Competition Closed

The 2017 Crocodile Prize Literary Competition is Closed.

Message from the Voluntary Organizing Committee of the 2017 Crocodile Prize Competition. 

The entry of literary Pieces for the 2017 Crocodile Prize has come to a close for the year.  The Members of the Voluntary Organizing Committee have had an interesting year.  2017 has been the year of creating more awareness.  It is still evident that a lot more awareness and incentives are needed to increase the number of entries and the quality of entries.  8 million people of PNG were given an opportunity to enter the competition and only less than a thousand entries from less than 300 aspiring writers and artists were able to send in their entries.  This speaks volume in terms of the need for more work in the area of writing and art.

Given our own contextual limitations, the organizing committee is extremely proud to say this year has been a year of awakening the Spirit of Papua New Guineans to really take ownership of the Competition.  This year the Prize has been solely organized by Papua New Guineans who are passionate and committed and are nationalistic.

The most exciting aspect from the experience of the 2017 Competition was seeing the growing interest in Literature in ALL Papua New Guineans of ALL ages. We understand that there are few challenges for those that do not have access to internet or laptops. We have taken that into consideration and we will in the next competition, make it more accessible as well as to create more awareness to include more rural schools as well as the general public.

Compared to the past, entries are coming from diverse communities and geographical areas of different levels of socio economic and educational spread.  Compared to the past we have newer aspiring writers who have never published or written something for public consumptions. Entries from Remote Kikori in the Gulf Province, from Manus Islands and from remote and rural satellite hamlets outside of Port Moresby has been a success for the Organizing Committee.

The Organizing committee has spent significant effort in Publicizing and creation of awareness.  The effort is significant because of the nature of their contribution which is Voluntary.

The Interest and the gratefulness from those who entered their work have been overwhelming. This has given the committee more motivation to ensure that such a space is continuously made available, resourced and added effort is given by the Voluntary Organizing Committee to sustain it.

The Organizing Committee is happy to announce that the winners of the prizes will be announced on the 15th December in a Ceremony organized in Port Moresby (Exact Venue to be announced at a later date).

We would like to thank all the Sponsors:  Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) sponsored K10,000 for the Women in Writing in Category; Cleland Family sponsored K10, 000 for the Heritage Writing Category; Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) sponsored K10,000 for the Poetry Category; PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum sponsored K10, 000 for the Essays and Journalism Category; Kina Securities Limited sponsored K2, 000 for the Poetry Category; Moresby Arts Theatre for sponsoring Script/ Best Short Play Category; Library 4 All/World Vision for sponsoring the Writing for Children Category, Haltmeier Family for sponsoring the Facebook & NBC Radio Competition and Bank South Pacific (BSP) for sponsored K5, 000 for the paid advertisements and printing of anthologies

We would like to thank the people of PNG, especially those who have participated, those who have helped in advancing the awareness, those who have inspired and helped others to explore their talent and gifts.

The members of the Voluntary Organizing Committee are:  Baka Bina, Gretel Matawan, Ruth Moiam, Martyn Namorong and Emmanuel Peni. The Committee would like to thank other supporters who continue to be critical of the work and the entries.  The Judges will not be named here for independence and objectivity but an acknowledgement is necessary. Also, acknowledge the efforts of the editors: Rosa Koian, Anna Joskin PhD, Russel Soaba and Joycelin Leahy.

We would like to thank all Media outlet who have provided a stage for the competition to be broadcasted.  EMTV, NBC TV, NBC Radio, Post Courier, National, Yumi FM, FM central, The Sunday Chronicle and TV wan.  Acknowledge the efforts by many different administrators of Facebook Pages such as:  Sepik Writers Associations, PNG Book Blub, PNG Writers, Editors and Publishers, and many other Facebook users who help post or share our articles and posts.

Thank you all for this year of art and writing for the truly National Literature Competition called the Crocodile Prize Competition.

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