Dear Hope

Edited for the Blog from the entries for 2017 Crocodile Prize Competition, Kina Securities Poetry Category by Caroline Evari

Caroline Evari is from Musa in Oro and Waema in Milne Bay. Caroline has been writing since she was 7. Caroline’s short Story was published in the Walk to Equality Anthology.  She has a blog titled “Everyday Battles”,

Dear Hope


Where are you?

The nights are getting colder

The days are getting hotter

The rivers are drying up

The green is becoming dust


Can you hear my cry?

I am a mother unloved

I am a lost child

And I am an abandoned child

Why have you forgotten me hope?


My dreams are slipping away

Hold my hand, walk with me

Embrace me, comfort me

Rejuvenate me to endure this life

Do you not hear my distress?


On my weak and weary feet

I call upon you to come forth

Feel my weary shaky hands

I am reaching out to you


Hope my long lost friend

I need you more than ever before

Dance and sing with me in the rain

Laugh with me joyfully through the seasons

Come forth hope, come forth


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