People before Profit

Edited for the blog, an entry from the 2017 Crocodile Prize Competition, Kina Securities Poetry Category by Zephaniah Winduo Aron

Zephaniah has a Bachelor in Information Systems from the Divine Word University.  He always enjoys serving his Sepik people and contributes to the development of his province to preserve and promote Sepik culture and traditions.  Zephaniah has had some of his work, photographs and articles in several media spaces.


The world is coming into Papua New Guinea

More like parasites into a host

All for one undeniable reason

The search for sweet profit, selfish profit.


We are blind folded by the authorities

Being fooled in our own land

Enslaved by the rules

Being cheated by their greed, our greed

All because of profit

Who’s profit?


Will profit replace mankind?

We fail to stop and think

Should we put profit before people?

Let us think about tomorrow, remember yesterday

Let us put people before profit

For people’s survival is paramount


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