The woman

Edited version of an Entry for the 2017 Crocodile Prize Kina Securities Poetry Category by Lo’rence Arisa Evera.   Lo’rence is a Grade 11, Sogeri National High School student here in Papua New Guinea.  This literary piece is a dedication to his mother and a matriarch of the family and tribe and a fighter against the battle of Cancer.


The Woman


She walks around with her head held high

Always with a smile on her face

A personality that younger women pursue

And humour that is contagious



Her children call her ‘the tiger’

And she lives up to that name

Her furry and rage no one can tame

Her love as ferocious


She has cried a lot

She has pained a lot

A grim battle she continues to fight


Her charismatic aura canvases her journey

In the privacy of her room to her God she kneels

With prayers for courage and hope

To be a better mother, sister and wife, and for life


Prayers complete and her smile lightens up the road she travels

Her journey continues

We dwell in her love


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