Broken and Beaten

Edited Version for the Blog: Entry for the 2017 Papua New Guinea Kina Securities Limited Poetry Category by Leila Parina.

Leila a young talented woman that resides in Port Moresby. She has a passion for helping others and enjoys working alongside organisations and groups that share her passion. She has been writing since she was 9 years old. Her first published piece “A paradigm shift” was featured in the PNG anthology “My Walk to Equality”. 


The night was so still
The moon seemed so bright
It was beautiful
Didn’t know it would turn into a fight

Never have you hit me
Never have you beat me
But tonight was no beating of the drum
It was the beating of flesh
And an off-pace heartbeat

I prided myself in you
Knowing you were no monster
But tonight you were no different
You were just like any other

You added me to the statistics
You added me to the numbers
One in three they say fall victim
To a grown man’s anger

I thought we would never get there
But here we are
I am beaten I am broken
Our hearts are afar


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