Fading colours

An entry for the 2017 Kina Securities Poetry Category, by Becky Waibe. Becky is a 17 year old student at the Paradise High School. Her best friend’s name is Serah Potuku. Becky hails from Hela and Jiwaka Province.


I’m a brown-skin 17 year old girl
Not just any girl; I’m a Papua New Guinean

I ought to be a woman who ignores vanity,
A woman who upholds the norms of my forefathers
Instead,I burst with colours of the western

I worry about how I look
And what I wear
I pay no heed to the words of my old man
Yet spend time listening to a stranger’s song

Although my English is spot on,
I tend to know a few tokples;
Half are rude

My old man disapproves of me
Mommy blames herself
I blame the world

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