The Alpha Male Aura

Written by Marlene Dee Gray Potoura

“No, definitely a wolf pack,” Shirley looked out the window without shame. ”Look, you’re confusing me. Alpha kind? What the heck do you mean?” I stammered and nearly choked on the lump of meat between the mashed potatoes.

“Well, what I mean is that he is someone or the kind that has a certain unmistakable characteristic. A natural leader and a pack builder. He provides for and protects his pack which includes his significant other, his buddies, and his team mates and so on,” Shirley explained as she stared out the window and ate her chicken sandwich.

“Sounds more of the animal kind,” I swallowed the last piece of my pie and strained my neck around the steering wheel and tried to see what Shirley was staring at out of the window.

“Oh my gosh, Shirl. Stop staring at Carl. He has a bad name in this town,” I pulled her hand to face me.

“Geez, Chris.  Just look at him. He reminds me of the alpha gorilla.”

“Damn it Shirley, you are so full of shit!”

“No, definitely a wolf pack,” Shirley looked out the window without shame.

“Wolf pack? What in the name of sanity are you yapping about?” I twisted her arm and she turned her face towards me.

“Yeah, the alpha in the wolf pack mates with all the females in the pack.”

“What the ……..! Shirley, you are so unnatural and gross,” I sneered at her unrefined fantasies.

“I would love to go out with a gangster,” she drooled as Carl came out of his car to talk to another guy outside.

“Why a gangster when there are so many nice normal kinds who would give you a stress-free life,” I said as I sipped my diet coke through a straw.

“There’s no excitement in the normal kind, Christine. They bore my brains to bits!”

“That alpha you have your eyes on right now has a track record of mistresses in this town,” I looked at Shirley smugly.

“Yeah, just like the alpha in the wolf pack.”

“Shirley, you make me sick!”

“Don’t be such a Christian, Christine. There is an animal in all of us.”

“I’m not an animal. I’m a civilised working class human of the twenty first century.”

Alpha Carl opened the door of his Toyota Land Cruiser, closed it and started walking to where we were parked. I really didn’t blame the alpha, given the way Shirley was fluttering her eyelashes. Any ‘animal’ in sight would smell her.

“Now he’s coming this way, you goddess of doom,” I sneered at Shirley.

“Chill Christine. Grow up. This is good,” she said smugly.

I wound the windows down.

Alpha Carl walked over to my side.

“Hey Christine, how are things?” he asked and held out his hand.

I shook his hand. “Everything’s good. How about you Carl?” I asked, smiling at him.

“Can’t complain. I’m good. Business is good,” he said and smiled.

“Carl, this is my friend, Shirley,” I said and pressed myself against the seat as Carl extended his hands across the steering wheel to grasp Shirley’s.

He was truly like an alpha wolf. The hair next to his ears was white, like Paulee from the Sopranos. He was, without doubt, an alpha in human form and attire.

“Hey Shirley, you want to have lunch with me tomorrow?” alpha wolf drawled shamelessly.

“Carl, why don’t you just go over to Shirley’s side and talk to her,” I couldn’t stand him taking charge, as if I was driving his car and he could breathe down and talk over me however he wanted. I just couldn’t stand men with egos. Especially this alpha wolf kind.

Shirley was smiling like a Cheshire bloody cat.

Alpha walked around to her without another word.

“Yes that would be nice.”

“Of course, I’ll meet you there.”

“Hey Christine you can come too. A lunch date for three?” Carl was raving on and I didn’t pick up what he was saying.

“Sorry Carl, what did you say?” I looked at Shirley. The moron was smiling. I looked at the alpha.

“I want you together with Shirley for lunch tomorrow.”


Want you? Wolf Alpha? Say whaaat?

“Thank you, but I am having lunch with my boss tomorrow,” I said, starting the ignition.

I started backing out and alpha walked over to his car.

“Damn you Christine. I was still talking to Carl,” Shirley was agitated.

“SHUT UP!” I snapped, engaged the gears and accelerated.



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