Message from the Editor of the Klarion, Mrs. Karo Haltmeier

The Haltmeier Family are the sponsors for the new category in The Crocodile Prize. They will be sponsoring the Facebook & NBC Radio Competition. Here are a few words from Mrs Haltmeier.

– Kenthurst Rotary, NSW Australia

Editor’s Corner..
I have just returned from a two months visit to
Papua New Guinea. Over there I have engaged
myself and my family in a new charity work.
My family will now be sponsoring one of the
prizes for the Crocodile Prize Competition.
Crocodile Prize is the annual national literary
competition for Papua New Guinea (PNG)
writers. The people of PNG are traditional
story-tellers and they preserve their culture
through oral history. This competition is for
contemporary PNG writers to find the PNG
Voice by engaging, sharing, learning and telling
their stories.
My family will be sponsoring the prize for the
Face-book and National Broadcasting
Commission (NBC) Radio Tri-Monthly

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