Crocodile Prize Committee Members Promote PNG National Book Week

Caption: EMTV footage showing children in the National Book Week activities.

The Crocodile Prize Association Inc committee members and authors Baka Bina, Emmanuel Peni and Marlene Dee Gray Potoura are taking part in and promoting reading and writing in the PNG National Book Week this week.

Author of “Sibona” Mr Peni yesterday visited and spoke to 600 Grade 8 students at Ward Strip Demonstration school. He will return tomorrow to address the whole school. Tomorrow, Committee executive and three-time PNG author Mr Bina will address the Tokarara High School tomorrow and Marlene Dee Gray Potoura will address the Book Week assembly in Salvation Army School in Lae. It is hoped that the committee members whilst promoting the importance of reading to PNG children, the authors can also share personal stories about how much writing is just as important as reading.

It is also an opportunity for the committee to promote the national literary competition, particularly the Young Writer’s Award in the Crocodile Prize and answer any queries from the future writers.

The committee this year has been particularly vocal about the importance to develop a strong PNG voice in stories written by national writers. The committee sees that the National Book Week is one avenue that voice can be developed through.



4 thoughts on “Crocodile Prize Committee Members Promote PNG National Book Week”

  1. Hi, Very informative and a job well done. Writers need a spark and you guys have done just that. By the way I am unable to obtan an entry form from websites listed. Appreciate one through my email address. Once again well done. Jim Apiu.

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