Crocodile Prize Competition

This post is for all PNG writers intending to enter the 2016 Crocodile Prize. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

If you want to take part in the Crocodile Prize this year, you have to visit this blog, or and read as much information as you can. When you decide to enter one of the seven Crocodile Prize 2016 categories, you must label your writing clearly so the entry does not get lost or mixed up with others. Most of the entries the committee has received so far do not even have the writer’s name on the entry itself. Having your name written on the email does not get it on your entry. Some entries do not even have categories they are being entered into.

To assist future submissions, please follow the instructions below carefully and follow the example to submit your entry.

  1. The most important thing to do is to write your title, your full name and category next to that title on the actual entry. You must also attach a copy of the entry form with your full details. The entry forms are on the two websites: www.crocodile and http://www.crocodile The entry form can be downloaded or copied and pasted. Here is an example of how you should submit an entry.


Poetry Entry Crocodile Prize – by Joycelin Leahy©

New Love

A mess of feelings

Soft strings twisted, and tangled


A lore to be unfold soon

Waiting, yearning the unknown

Once for-warned heart dazed

Consumed in immense chaos

Riddled with beauty

Warmed and rendered with lightness




NAME: Joycelin Leahy

DATE OF BIRTH:16/03/1965

PLACE OF BIRTH (town/village): I am from Wagang Village, Morobe province. I was born in Wau, Morobe Province.

OCCUPATION: Writer/Artist/Storyteller

TITLE OF WRITTEN/ILLUSTRATION ITEM: (as my submission above)

New Love




38 words

BRIEF BIO (please write a few sentences to introduce yourself to the Crocodile Organising Committee 2016)

I am a Papua New Guinean writer with specific interests in short stories, children’s stories and creative non-fiction (such as memoirs). I write and read daily. I was a trained journalist and later worked in PR, marketing, business development and small business. To improve my writing skills, I like working with other writers and enjoy setting up daily challenges for myself to write short stories with certain plots in limited number of words. Sometimes I would read this to my family and friends and see how they react to the story. I also attend a weekly creative writing workshop with other writers to share and learn about storytelling. I find the best stories I write come from free-writing. Free-writing is when you set up a time (e.g. say for five minutes) I focus, let everything go, and just write down whatever that comes to my mind. Then, I expand, re-write and develop the plot.

WRITING EXPERIENCE ( how long have you been writing? have you written any published books, magazine articles, academic journal articles etc? do you have a Blog – if yes, title?)

I have been writing for over 30 years. I have published short stories and won the Crocodile Prize 2015 Writing for Children category. I also wrote for PNG newspapers and the Paradise Magazine and consultation reports. (Email me on for specifics).

Submit all entries to



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