The Witch Hunt – Poetry

A poem by llyana Garap

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Courtesy Tom Lee via Flickr / Creative Commons /


Witch Hunt


Please stop!

You’re hurting me, please stop I cried

I’m sorry that your brother died.

Your brother was my son, you see,

So stop this pain. You’re hurting me.

I’m sorry that your father died,

He was my husband, at my side.

He was so old, he could not walk,

He even found it hard to talk.

I’m sorry that your daughter died.

In God’s own hand she’ll now abide.

She was my grandchild, dear to me,

I would not harm her, don’t you see.

I did not kill them, that is true.

Please ask God, and he’ll tell you.

You come into my kunai house,

And drag me out, as cat drags mouse,

You burn me with an iron so hot,

Took all the strength that I have got.

You cut my skin with sharpened knife

You’ve tried so hard to end my life.

You destroy my house, which is my home.

I’m doomed forever, now to roam.

I’m not sanguma, pointing bone,

Please go now. Leave me alone!!!!!!


This is another example of a writer’s poem that has been assisted by Chips. If you need some help with yours, please send your work to

We also would like to publish some stories, poems and photographs associated with literature in PNG. All contributions will be considered with feedback for the writer.



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